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Nikon has been working to become closer to its customers and convey the spirit of the brand, with the help of different activities like master classes with professional photographers and thematic contests. 

The challenge we had

We were aiming to combine customer engagement, sales conversion and customer loyalty.

ENGAGEMENT: Nikon Store, like any online store, works to drive the traffic to the website. First impressions are critical. We have added new elements to the website that are familiar to social networks, and engage consumers from the first visit. Tool in use : Frisbuy Stories widget.

CONVERSION AND AVERAGE CHECK. In the process of choosing photographic equipment, a potential buyer always has doubts. If in an offline store you can simply approach a customer with the help of a consultant, for e-commerce unanswered questions are equal to losses in conversion. Therefore, visual confirmation as a form of social proof appeared on different pages of the site – examples of photographic works from real Nikon customers. Mechanics in use: UGC gallery on the homepage, in product cards and on a dedicated landing page.

LOYALTY AND VIRALITY. For e-commerce, the first purchase is just the beginning of the journey. Customer retention, increase in LTV, long-term work is becoming more important than a one-time profit. Systematic work with customer visual reviews is a platform for building a community around the brand. We helped to automate this process (but frankly did not expect the effect you will see later 🔥). Tools : request rights from the authors of the photo.

How the Nikon Store motivates customers to create reviews

1. From time to reminding customers about the gallery with UGC in the social media

2. Reminds of the opportunity to “get featured on the website” in order to engage as many users as possible, to become members of the photo gallery on the website 

3. Motivating to upload photos and videos made using Nikon technology in the Instagram profile of the @nikon account 

4. Launched permanent photography contest to motivate participants in creation of a high-quality photographic work. According to the terms of the competition, in addition to the actual photos and videos, it is necessary to describe the impressions of using Nikon equipment. The results of the competition are announced monthly. 

The secret is in the systematic work with reviews

Regular reminders, posts with the work of real customers photos taken (UGC) + competitive mechanics with rewards.


Step 1. First impression: engaging and navigating

Scenario: Frisbuy Stories — is a format of Instagram stories on the brand website, marked with links to different products of the online store


– to engage customers using a content format that is understandable and familiar for users of social networks

– we introduce the brand, instil confidence, show the work behind the scenes, announce events 

– redirecting customer to the most relevant page or product

– additional profit: we extend the life of content for Instagram Stories and increase ROI on content

For the website visitors, this Stories format is familiar with Instagram, so it is easier for them to navigate. 

Step 2. Engaging users with Nikon photo results 

Scenario: UGС gallery on the main page and a separate community gallery with UGC for inspiration.

Key objective:

We show what kind of pictures can be taken with Nikon cameras by showing end photo results from the customers in the product cards.

Step 3. Helping to customer to make a decision

Scenario: UGC Gallery in Product Cards

Key objectives:

– to instil confidence in the brand, showing the necessary set of products to create high-quality photos and videos

– to increase the conversion rate and the average check


In product cards with a gallery, users who interacted with the gallery brought:

+244% in Conversion 

+83% in Average check

Step 4. Building the community around the brand

We motivate and inspire those customers who have already bought Nikon products by publishing the most outstanding photos taken with the Nikon cameras and related products in the gallery on a separate web page.

Frisbuy technology in use UGC content with a built-in status tracking rights request system:

Mechanics: permission requests from the content authors and an automated publishing it to the website after careful content moderation.

The results:

Apart from the conversion and average check increase we mentioned above, Nikon received a boost of customer love and delight from being noticed and featured. This led to an additional website coverage 

This turned customers into brand ambassadors, positively affecting the k-factor. 

To sum up: customer love, loyalty and virality around Nikon

The first purchase in an online store is only the beginning of the customer journey. Our joint case with Nikon Store proves that once again. 

With visual reviews of real customers we have managed to:

1. Provide an excellent user experience for website visitors: anticipate issues preventing customers from bouncing, solve user concerns on the product quality and see the  potential end photo results.

2. Prove in practice that Nikon sells good quality photos and emotions beyond the product itself: by realising a few Frisbuy scenarios, Nikon has increased conversion to sales by 244%, average check by 83% and, of course, positively influenced customer behavioural metrics.

3. Helped to build a professional and amateur photographers’ community around the Nikon brand. Customers are not being left unattended even after completing a purchase. Apart from the conversion now Nikon has an increase in organic reach and LTV, which as well improves a brand reputation.

Nikon’s feedback on its work with Frisbuy

In the current competitive environment, user-generated content and visual reviews from real customers are an undeniable competitive advantage for brands and online retail. Choosing a platform for integrating user-generated content on the website of the Nikon branded online store, we settled for Frisbuy and never had a regret. Thanks to the service and the excellent work of the team, we managed not only to improve the quality indicators of the store, but also to increase the conversion, which had the best effect on sales in the Nikon Store.

I should also mention that Frisbuy offers a high-quality service tailored to the business needs service, when the team takes over all the processes of selecting, moderating, approving and obtaining permission to use user-generated content. It is important to mention that Frisbuy builds up the work very personally and takes a particular business and markets into consideration.

Marketing Communications Manager, Nikon

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