Since we operate through the official Facebook API, all content requests are sent through it. This allows us to quickly retrieve new photos and videos. To do this, you need to link your Facebook business account to your Frisbuy personal account.

  1. Connection (if linking an account for the first time)
  2. Extension (if the account is already linked and the connection needs to be renewed)

1. Connection

First, you need to log in to your Frisbuy personal account and go to the “Integrations” section –

Make sure that VPN is enabled. Then, click on the Instagram window (if it doesn’t appear, please pay attention to the antivirus plugins and ad blockers installed in your browser and disable them on this site).

Choose the option for the Business account:

Select the Business account page:

Choose the Instagram page linked to your Facebook Business account from which content will be downloaded:

Save and confirm the link:

After confirmation from Facebook, the final step is to link the account to your Frisbuy personal account:


  • If after all procedures, your account does not appear in the social networks section, make sure that the Facebook account you are logged in with has an administrator role on the Business page. ПAfter that, repeat the entire connection process.
    If you continue to encounter issues, please contact us at with the subject “Facebook Connection”
  • If you need to link multiple accounts, check all the necessary accounts when selecting Business accounts, or perform the procedure separately for each one.

2. Extension

The connection token is temporary, so if you have already linked the account to your account, you need to confirm access to the account through your Frisbuy personal account after two months.

Follow this link –

Click on the window with the connected Business account, confirm access in a separate window. Done!

If you want to unlink the current connection, click on the cross icon in the right part of the window with information about the connected account.

Still have questions? Write to us at with the subject “Facebook Connection.”

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